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Class: Luxury Class

Type: Power Motor Catamaran, built in 2011

Capacity: 16 passengers

Accommodation: Cormorant offers 9 cabins with private bathroom with hot and warm water and A/C.

Upper deck: 4 double cabins with 2 lower beds each with private balcony. cabins can be connected. size: 301 ft2 /28m2.
Main deck: 2 double cabins with 2 lower beds with private balcony. Size: 301 ft2 / 28m2.
2 suites matrimonial with private balcony. Size: 441 ft2 / 41m2 each.
Lower deck: 1 single cabin. Size: 150 ft2 / 14m2

Facilities: dining room, lounge area with bar, mini library and tV, bar, dining area, sun deck with covered and uncovered areas, 1 jacuzzi.

Price and availiability upon request. Click here to contact us.